Medicine Words Gratitude Acknowledgments

Our team  Keith, Ryan, Tom, and Wendy  would like to acknowledge and give great thanks to all who have supported us and made this podcast possible: 

Doc for all his prayers and support. Jennifer for her loving interview. Anita Destino for her words of wisdom from the journey within. Kato and Matty for their contributions of wisdom in their interviews,  episode cohosting, and overall contribution of love to the podcast. Medicine Man Harold for his ancestral knowledge and wisdom. Taita for his wisdom, love, and support. Francesca for sharing her insights on working with universal flow. Carol for her interview of Chinese medicine and acupuncture practitioner. Tim and Tiff for their interview on parenting romantic relationships and Tim's interview on realistic optimism. Thuy Dam, Chief Happiness Officer, for sharing Chinese face reading and her spiritual talents and gifts. Pat and Pauline for their insights on fear. Ari from Awkwardly Zen. Kendara Laurel for her interview on her sacred intuitive gift. Doctor Rajeev for his awe-inspiring interview on stem cell, genome, and DNA research and development. Barb's interview on the importance of her spiritual path as a practitioner of hypnotherapy. George Herrick, author of the best-selling book "Stone Warrior." Kato for her interview on being a practitioner of Kambo frog medicine. Marvin Deus, kinesiologist, bodyworker, and spiritualist.

Editing by Bonnie. Music by Mito Cero. 


Gratitude Acknowledgments 

Mom, Pauline, all of my family, Sandi, Dee, Kato and Matty, Doc, Loretta M, Medicine Man Harold, Taita, all of my beloved friends, and humans on the planet who love and support me.


Gratitude Acknowledgments 

Mom, Grams and Gramps, all my beautiful family and friends who have supported me through the years.


Gratitude Acknowledgments 

Mom, who knew there was more out there than what was being shown; Susan, an entire lifetime of support; Lori, who sparked me to look outside the box for the first time; Buck, a great master teacher; Karen, Karol, and Kandy— The Fight Club (we never actually fight); Sensei Roemer (who can most definitely fight, but always chooses not to).


Gratitude Acknowledgments 

The greatest lessons have been taught to me by Jeff, from whom I have learned patience and compassion; Linda, who taught me kindness, loyalty, and organization; Jessica, who has taught me to accept my differences; Kedra, for being my mirror; Beverly and Melissa, who taught me what unconditional love is; Mike and Donna, for teaching me how to be family; Gary, who taught me fortitude; Sharon, who taught me determination; and all the fellow travelers I have encountered on the path of life!

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