Medicine Woman Gaylyne is a master artist who has decades of experience in creating art and now in creating sacred regalia and jewelry. Her workmanship is unique and unsurpassed.

Medicine Woman Gaylyne creates sacred regalia and jewelry out of love to help you know the keys of empowerment of love and that the Divine Universe is always with you, within your heart and that you are a part of creation.

What are sacred regalia and jewelry? The simple answer is, they are any inanimate objects created with sacred purpose and healing intent by a master healer, medicine person, or spiritualist. Those sacred objects are intended to bring joy, love, truth, clarity, health, safety, protection, and peace into every aspect of your human life.

Sacred regalia and jewelry have been around for as long as there have been humans. They include mala beads, bracelets, prayer beads, prayer blankets, necklaces, and other objects. Your sacred regalia and jewelry are as sacred as any of these; the difference is that your sacred regalia and jewelry were made just for you by Medicine Woman Gaylyne.

Sacred regalia and jewelry assist in your mind, body, soul healing by bringing balance in the realm of your emotions. As you experience joy, happiness, melancholy, sadness, anger, and jealousy, your sacred objects help awaken your awareness to have balance in your emotions. Your personal empowerment of knowledge comes from within your deepest self, not from the objects. 

The symbols in your sacred regalia and jewelry represent love, healing, wisdom, change, transformation, light, and adaptability. They bring love and awareness in your life to remind you that you already have the ability to heal your life. As with any sacred object, it is always best that you see and feel its special meaning for you. Therefore, we do not interpret the symbols for you. 

Your sacred regalia and jewelry are created only with positive intent and the energy of love and by instilling the three Shaman Laws:

Never cause harm to another.internal://a21b2b73-eec0-448b-8e27-e674a76a5538

Never cause harm to myself.

Never allow anyone to cause harm to me.

Medicine Woman Gaylyne truly creates Art from her Heart. She can create custom pieces for you or your loved ones or to give as a gift. She also has a wide variety of ready-made items to choose from. 

CLICK  HERE to see examples of her work available for purchase now. 

You can contact Gaylyne directly at:

Medicine Woman Gaylyne

Keith, Ryan, and staff of Medicine Words personally endorse Medicine Woman Gaylyne's sacred regalia and jewelry and bless her and the healing energy given to you though her art. We bless and sanctify her sacred regalia and jewelry to bring you all that you desire in life. To your future we hold only the best of thoughts, and may your heart be filled with light, love, joy and happiness.


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